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Texas Industrial Painting


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Water Tower Painting



Water Tower Inspection

Water Tank Painting


Refineries - Pipes - Tanks

  • High Traffic Coatings
  • Specialized Coating Applications
  • Energy Saving
    Insulation Coatings
  • Architectural Applications
  • Silicone Coatings
  • Floor & Structure Coating
  • Ceramic Coatings
  • Vinyl and Vinyl Esters
  • Wall Coatings & Coverings
  • Graphics Art Displays
  • Texture Coatings


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Industrial Painting Equipment



Sand Blasting



1Fire Proof painting
2Thermal Painting
3Sand Blasting
4 Anti Graffiti
5 Paint Manufactures
6 MSHA Certified Painters
7 Structural Steel
8Lead Abatement Certified
9 Eco Painting
10 - High Rise Painting

11 - Light Pole Painting
12 - Industrial Tank Painting


Thermal Coatings



Light Pole Painting










Great Basin Safety
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 Insulating storage tanks, double walled tanks,pressure vessels,  and welded tanks.Using Spray foam insulation adheres to the surface of the tank, Texas Industrial Painting Painters  includes filling any cracks or seams and creates a weather-tight insulating layer between the elements and the storage tank.


Water Towers - Water, Oil and Chemical Tank Painting
including Logos  Stripes, Checkers


Texas Industrial is a company division of Great Western Painting
We are a Texas Industrial  painting contractor -Well seasoned in Commercial & Industrial painting. as a commercial painting contractor as well as a Industrial painting contractor, We paint Chemical plants, High Rises, Offices, Structural Steel , Thermal and  Fire Proof Coatings. on pipes commercial vinyl wall paper on Hotels, Acrylic texture in Hospitals Hotels, Exteriors in Texas . Need fire protection? We are a fire proof painting contractors. Intumescent Painting. Epoxy coatings, Fire Retardant applicator. Cal us today for all your 
commercial & industrial painting projects.

( MSHA Certified )


Epoxy's  Thermal Coatings
Sand & Water Blasting



Structural Steal
 Multi Tank Farms


Any Height
 Stacks Towers 

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Fire Proof Painting Division

New constructions, Remodels, High-rise buildings
STRUCTURAL STEEL COATINGS - Tanks, Pipes, Commercial Industrial. Large apartment complexes. All phases of painting.
Hotels, Casino's, Condos, Malls. Town houses,
Towers,   Epoxy, Floor covering, Wall Paper, Vinyl wall covering,
 Oil, latex, stain, Exterior Interior.



Silos Towers Flares




Clarifier Painting & Sand Blasting Industrial Paint Coatings.



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